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  • Automate your Podcast Downloads with Tasker and Home Assistant
    I listen to a number of podcasts every day. When I wake up, I refresh my podcasts and listen as I start my day. In my pursuit to constantly reduce my manual activity for recurring activities, I looked to automate it with Tasker, Home Assistant, and Podcast Addict.
  • Learn Entrepreneurial Lessons from Barack Obama’s A Promised Land
    When we vote for a President of the United States we are actually electing the CEO of one of the largest employers in the world. When Reading A Promised Land by Barack Obama, he reveals how he led and the lessons that he learned.
  • A story of Ambient Lights, Automation, and a Happy Partner
    A couple of weeks ago I created an automation to change the light in my living room for when I played video games. Lights in my apartment dimmed, ambient lights came up around the television, with only a push of a button!

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Commercial solutions like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home are great for run of the mill Digital Assistants. But what happens when you want to make your Digital Assistant work for you?

This is what the Recursive Automation Blog is about: how to personalize your home automations so that you can make the most of technology in your day to day life.

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